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Duck Soup!

One of the most talented bands in the business! With their strong vocals and incomparable devotion to their instruments and singing, they entertain America time and again.

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Golf World

"the Birds' Nest menu: Duck Soup and plenty of partying fans. Today, it's a happening. Ask 100,000 people who is leading the tournament and half of them wouldn't know. It's like the Woodstock of the PGA Tour."

The Phoenix Gazzette

"The Nest was not able to explode onto the Valley social scene until 1987, when two things happened ... Thunderbird Steve Butterfield found an eight-piece band named Duck Soup in Austin, Texas, and brought it west. It's just possible that the hottest night spot in the Valley [The Birds Nest] ... features Duck Soup on the bandstand instead of on the menu."

The Houston Chronicle

"Golf and music lovers know them as the "unofficial band of the PGA Tour." In fact, Austin's own Duck Soup has performed at a number of tour events... So it should come as no surprise that the long awaited debut album by the group features vocals by some of the leading golfers on the PGA Tour, as well as country icon Willie Nelson."

Sports Illustrated

Anybody on the Tour who wants to live his rock-and-roll dream will always be embraced by Duck Soup. The Austin-based, eight-piece ensemble - which proudly calls itself the unofficial band of the PGA Tour - entertains at a dozen regular Tour, Senior Tour, Nike Tour and LPGA events a year and recently cut an album titled Dead Solid Perfect, on which several Tour players, not to mention golf fanatic Willie Nelson, sang. In live performances Duck Soup provides a regular haven for frustrated singers Peter Jacobsen, Andrew Magee and Fuzzy Zoeller, guitarists Mark Lye and Larry Rinker, mouth harpist Payne Stewart and cowbell junkie Robert Gamez."

The Washington Post

"The Armey's did a quick twirl to "Brown-Eyed Girl," but the Gingriches stayed on the floor for song after song -- including a version of the Village People's "YMCA, "complete with arm movements spelling out the letters."

USA Today

"On Saturday night... Robert (That's Bob to you) Seger wed Juanita Dorricoft... Duck Soup, a band imported from Austin, Texas, provided rock and R&B classics ... and displaying impressive chutzpah by cranking out Seger's own "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll."

The Houston Chronicle

"Irwin has an expressive face, which he constantly contorts on stage. He is not averse to scratching his body like a monkey. He will make you laugh."

The Austin-American Statesman

"Talk About A Hot Band' Duck Soup played recently at the Michigan wedding of rock'n'roll star Bob Seger... [and] has played at so many Professional Golf Association tournaments that it's known in golfing circles as the "unofficial" band of the PGA Tour, we hear."

The Dispatch

"With red cheeks and warm jackets, the crowd packed the dance floor and let loose to the music of Duck Soup, the unofficial band of the PGA tournament since 1984.

One of the Best Wedding Bands!

From Austin Texas..

    Duck Soup, America’s premier party band is from Austin, Texas. Affectionately known as “The Unofficial Band of the PGA Tour,” Duck Soup performs throughout the United States and other parts of the world. We play for many events ranging from weddings to presidential galas.

    Duck Soup plays an incredibly wide range of musical genres that span generations from the forties to present day. We are a dance band that always entertains, “playing music that makes you feel like you’re back in high school.”  
    If your event or party is looking for great music and appeal, Duck Soup is for you.
Duck Soup is very talented and, like all thoroughbreds, yearns to run.